Episode 2: Swordfish!, Part 1    Premiered on PBS October 18 2012    Watch on PBS

For a few weeks of the year, fishermen from the remote villages of southern Nova Scotia take their small boats a hundred miles offshore to the fishing grounds of Georges Bank. Read More>>

Carl Safina on board the Four Ladies swordfish harpoon boat, with part of the catch on Georges Bank
Skipper Larry Sears gets in position to harpoon a swordfish. Our HarpoonCam is attached near the end of the harpoon
HarpoonCam view as Larry Sears lines up his shot
Carl Safina with swordfish harpoon boat crew - Hoss, Shawn and Skipper Larry
Hoss and Shawn haul in a 200lb swordfish.
Swordfish have large eyes that help them hunt in deep, dark waters
Swordfish Vessel ‘Olive E’ 1906. Until the 1960s all swordfish were caught by harpooning. Nathaniel L. Stebbins. Courtesy of Historic New England
The crew of the Four Ladies look for swordfish. Shawn is at the top of the mast, Hoss is half way down, Skipper Larry is on deck
Hoss and Larry unload the catch at Woods Harbour, Nova Scotia
Whole Foods’ fish buyer, Dan Rand, checks the catch from our boat. Harpoon-caught swordfish are prized for their quality
Carl Safina and Skipper Larry Sears discuss their just completed trip