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saving the ocean
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Episode 1: Destination Baja    Premiered on PBS October 11 2012    Watch on PBS

For 72-year-old Pachico Mayoral, gray whales were “Devil Fish.” The name came from whaling days, when the animals often rammed and sank the whaling boats that pursued them in the Baja California lagoon where the whales came each winter to calve and breed. Read More>>

Host Carl Safina pats a friendly gray whale. The friendliness of Baja's whales has led to a booming ecotourism industry
Pachico Mayoral with three gray whales beside his boat
The lobster fishery in Punta Abreojos is the first Mexican fishery certified by the Marine Stewardship Council as sustainable
Green Turtle on a Baja beach. Baja’s fishing co-ops are active in turtle conservation
Carl Safina takes part in turtle tagging and release program
The crew films a green turtle as it returns to the ocean after tagging
Tourists petting grey whales in San Ignacio Lagoon
The whales seem to enjoy the attention
Eduardo González, aquaculture manager at the Punta Abreojos Fishing Co-op, with abalone aquaculture tanks
Wild abalone and octopus caught in Punta Abreojos by the local co-op
Crew from left to right: Director Dave Huntley, cameraman Dan Lyons, soundman Tim Wessel, whale watch co-op member Jesus Mayoral, Carl Safina and pilot Eddie Kisfaludy