Major funding for Season 1 of Saving the Ocean is generously provided by:

Kendeda Fund
Okeanos Foundation

Funding for Promotion and Web Site by:

Orange County Community Foundation

We are grateful to these funders who supported the production of the two pilot episodes of Saving the Ocean:

Fisheries Conservation Foundation
Save Our Seas Foundation
Avalon Park and Preserve
The Vervane Foundation

  • The Baker Foundation
  • Jack Macrae

  • Our thanks to these additional funders of the two pilot episodes of Saving the Ocean:

    • R.K. Mellon Family Foundation
    • Joanne Prager
    • Bonefish and Tarpon Unlimited
    • Chantecaille Cosmetics
    • Claneil Foundation
    • George Denny
    • The Ocean Foundation
    • Roger and Victoria Sant
    • Andrew Sabin Family Foundation
    • National Marine Sanctuary Foundation
    • Stanley Arkin
    • Birgit Bateman
    • Moore Charitable Foundation
    • Summit Charitable Foundation
    • Edwina von Gal
    • Lester R. Brown
    • William D. Akin